Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Enable Employee Productivity While Protecting Privacy With BYOD

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In-the-moment Productivity

Increase productivity by allowing employees to complete work tasks from the personal device that never leaves their side.

Enable employees to access any app from the convenience of their own mobile device with VMware Workspace ONE
Give users access to critical business apps through a single catalog across any device
Automatically authenticate users for all apps at once with mobile single sign-on
Provide frictionless access to company email, calendar, contacts, content repositories and intranet sites with our suite of consumer-simple mobile productivity apps

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Security and Privacy

Secure your corporate data while maintaining privacy for employees and their personal information.

Leverage native OS platform features without managing the device
Encrypt and remotely wipe corporate data leaving personal info untouched
Built-in privacy app educates users about work data separation to increase BYOD program adoption

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Education and Adoption

Once your BYOD strategy is in place, education is your best tool for increasing adoption.

Drive employee adoption with customizable BYOD program communication assets
Enable users with easy self-service onboarding workflows
Provide IT support for employees with questions and concerns via documentation, a help desk or IT clinics

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