Samsung Knox Management

Start with the Hardware: Trust and Security with Samsung Knox


Samsung Knox Management

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Samsung Knox Management

Replacing Outdated Devices is Easy with VMware AirWatch and Samsung

Select from the diverse portfolio of Knox-enabled Samsung Galaxy devices and manage them with Workspace ONE, powered by industry-leading VMware AirWatch unified endpoint management technology. The combination produces an end-to-end solution that enables your devices with work-critical resources and multi-layered security from the device to the network.

Knox Workspace Management

Deploy and manage the Knox Workspace from the AirWatch console.

Configure the Knox Workspace to lock the device into Container Only Mode where the entire device is restricted to the Workspace to isolate, encrypt and protect work data
Separate work and personal data through device and app containerization to prevent data from being shared fromt he work side to the personal side
Perform remote actions such as clear passcode and enterprise wipe to apply only to the Knox Workspace
Enable Google Mobile Services apps, such as Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Google Maps and more, inside the Workspace

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App Security and Management

Manage and secure enterprise apps.

Integrate with Knox Mobile Enrollment to register devices in bulk with a simplified user experience
Allow the use of only approved apps by configuring whitelists, blacklists and required apps groups
Configure secure, native email with additional policies such as encryption and digital certificate signatures
Select specific firmware versions that are updated to devices by leveraging AirWatch integration with Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over-the-Air (E-FOTA)
Empower employees with a digital workspace and deliver virtual apps and desktops in full screen mode with Samsung DeX integration

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Multi-layered Security

Security that starts with the hardware.

Enforce a Knox passcode and enable multifactor authentication which requires a pattern, PIN or passcode in addition to a fingerprint
Enable advanced security features such as enabling Common Criteria mode, enabling TIMA CCM KeyStore, SmartCard authentication, ODE Trusted Boot verification, and more
Secure network traffic specifically for applications inside the Knox Workspace by configuring per-app VPN for container applications
Detect rooted devices automatically and configure actions and escalations to remediate device compliance

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