Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

You've Got Mobile and Desktop. You Need the Leader in Unified Endpoint Management.

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VMware Named a Leader in July 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Endpoint Management

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Eliminate IT Silos to Reduce Costs and Improve Security

Securely deploy and manage corporate resources and apps on any device – mobile, PCs, wearables, rugged and IoT devices – with Workspace ONE® Unified Endpoint Management, the technology that powers Workspace ONE, our integrated digital workspace platform.

Workspace ONE® UEM enables a modern management approach for IT and uniquely supports full PC lifecycle management (PCLM) of desktops – Windows 10, macOS and Chrome OS – right alongside mobile devices. It also supports every mobile use case, including full device management, app-level management for BYOD, or line of business use cases such as kiosk or shared devices.


Unified Endpoint Management: The Next Stage of Enterprise Mobility

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Centralized Management

Enable a user-centric management approach for all your endpoints in a single solution.

Manage full device lifecycle from onboarding to retirement of mobile, desktops, even IoT
Over-the-air configuration for push-based, instant delivery of policies, apps and updates
Cloud-first, multitenant model for better control and to support growing business requirements
Robust API framework to support enterprise systems, services, identity, apps, content
Support varying business use cases including: corporate-owned, BYO and line of business

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Full PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM)

Transition to modern management of desktops without compromising traditional PCLM needs.

Simplified onboarding allows drop ship of device to user and easy set up on power ON
Over-the-air configuration for instant delivery of policies and settings on or off the domain
Cloud patching for real-time management and delivery of OS updates
Software distribution for any app from the cloud and optimized for network bandwidth
Client health and security baselines and configurations enforced in real-time

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End-to-End Security

Information-centric security architecture for all of your endpoints, apps and data.

Enterprise-grade security fit for government agencies and regulated industries
Adaptive access control that ensures access to apps and data based on context
Protect data on device, while in use or in transit via advanced encryption and DLP
Remote wipe compromised devices instantly to remove sensitive company data
Automate compliance for hands-free IT and ensure faster remediation of endpoints
Secure Microsoft Office 365 with MAM - native or app container, DLP and conditional access policies on managed or unmanaged devices

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Consistent Experience

Deliver a common user and IT experience for all apps on every device and across use cases.

Manage any use case - corporate-owned, BYO and line of business - across your organization
Out-of-box configuration enables new users to be productive day one
Unified app catalog for one-touch, consolidated access to any app across any device
Single sign on (SSO) bypasses multiple logins for speed and simplicity
Self-service onboarding, password reset and recovery, remote wipe, and others
Privacy by design assures personal apps and data remain invisible to IT

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  1. Centralized Management
  2. Full PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM)
  3. End-to-End Security
  4. Consistent Experience