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EFSS Customers Keep Getting More for Their Bucks

Hey CIO, get with the program. Employees are accessing your content remotely. And though they may be using the service you’ve told them to use, they’re probably using something else too. We’ve seen surveys that say that the average employee uses three to five file sharing solutions.

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COPE Offers IT and Workers an Alternative to BYOD

Some CIOs are opting for a Company Owned, Personally Enabled approach to managing mobile devices in the enterprise. COPE creates a tricky scenario, however, because IT is asking employees to trust them to do the right thing with a device that the company owns.

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Managing BYOD Expenses: How to Get it Right

Bring your own device (BYOD) has become an accepted practice in business. Gartner predicts that by 2017, half of all employers will require workers to supply their own devices for work. Yet there are mixed reports about whether BYOD actually saves businesses money.

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Mobility and its impact on healthcare

Paul McRae, Director of Business Development for Healthcare Solutions with AirWatch, shares perspectives with The Healthcare Insider. 

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For enterprise file sync-and-share, security is king

The thought of data ending up in the wrong hands can keep IT admins awake at night. When it comes to enterprise file sync-and-share options, IT can take many different approaches to secure access on all devices.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) Buying Guide

A mobile device management (MDM) system is to enterprise tablets and smartphones what a management console is to servers and desktop/laptop clients. With an MDM, you control, manage and protect the data and configuration settings on end users’ mobile devices, preventing the installation of unauthorized apps, protecting data, and if necessary, wiping a lost device.

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Why IoT Security & Privacy Are Critical

Security and privacy concerns about smart meters and other Internet of Things deployments must be addressed in order for the IoT to succeed.

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The Evolution of Mobile Device Management

As tablets and smartphones become more sophisticated and widespread, agencies need more powerful MDM tools to keep them secure.

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Beyond MDM: Making Mobile Mainstream in the Enterprise

One of the things that impressed me at the Gartner Symposium and Interop New York in the past few weeks, is just how mainstream mobility has become in the enterprise.

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How to keep your startup culture after being acquired

Many startups are defined by the workplace culture they create, but an acquisition can threaten that. Here are some tips to help you hold on to the culture that makes your startup special.

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