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AirWatch scales to support deployments of hundreds to thousands of devices through a robust architecture that is fully configurable according to your environment and requirements. AirWatch is built on industry standard technology, making it easy to manage alongside your existing enterprise applications. AirWatch can be deployed in a highly available environment and fully supports disaster recovery configurations to minimize downtime.

AirWatch’s highly scalable architecture is designed to easily support from 10 to over 100,000 devices. The AirWatch solution consists of three main components: Device Services – used to communicate with your mobile devices, Admin Console – web application for administration and self-service, and the Database – used to store application data and device information. The frontend components of the application can be separated from the database server and deployed behind a network load balancer in an active-active configuration, which easily scales to support additional device capacity.

AirWatch is multi-tenant and allows you to delegate role-based access and capabilities to both user groups and specific device groups. This allows your organization to absorb fragmentation within your corporate infrastructure (e.g. disconnect AD servers, forests, domains, locations) into a single instance of AirWatch. Enterprises can maintain control of all mobile assets at a global level while empowering IT administrators to maintain visibility and control of devices under their particular location or department.

AirWatch is architected around the componentization of core functions. This allows you to deploy the software specific to your environment and architecture requirements. You get the option to choose if your end user ports are exposed to the Internet or on a separate server. If you want to scale a single component in the DMZ, AirWatch can be configured to scale only the components you need. If your company is deploying AirWatch on premise on your own hardware, our solution is designed to install on both physical and virtual servers and can be loaded on VMware or Hyper-V instances.

High Availability
AirWatch can be deployed in a highly available environment with all components made to failover with minimal downtime. AirWatch supports utilizing network load balancers, VM HA technologies, and server clustering to provide a full highly available solution from the application servers to the SQL database.

Disaster Recovery
The AirWatch architecture fully supports Disaster Recovery configurations and the software can be setup in a remote data center and enabled in the event of a data center failure. Since AirWatch synchronizes your data to the remote data center, no information is lost during the failure and your mobile devices continue to function.

Automated Monitoring
You can automate the monitoring of your AirWatch deployment and components through a direct plug in to Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager (SCOM). Automated data retention jobs are available to keep relevant data and purge unneeded data to optimize performance and free up valuable space on your IT infrastructure.