Benefits of Integration

Take advantage of AirWatch direct integration with Microsoft CA, CA, or SCEP certificate services providers, such as MSCEP and VeriSign when leveraging certificates for advanced user authentication and secure access to corporate systems.

  • Ensure message integrity and authenticity, identity authenticity and confidentiality
  • Enable client authentication, encryption and message signatures
  • Secure corporate resources and connections

Integrating with Certificates and PKI

Certificates and PKI


AirWatch directly integrates with Certificate Authorities, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or 3rd-party providers, in both cloud and on-premise deployment models. Configure certificates for a number of systems, including Wi-Fi, VPN and Microsoft EAS. AirWatch automatically distributes certificates to devices without user interaction.

Certificates and PKI


Administrators have complete visibility into information such as installed, expiring and revoked certificates through the certificate management dashboard. The management process can be automated throughout the entire certificate life cycle with AirWatch.