Benefits of Integration

Deliver secure mobile access to corporate documents by integrating directly with existing file systems. Our Mobile Content Management solution, AirWatch Content Locker, allows IT administrators to manage document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a web-based console. By integrating existing file systems with AirWatch Content Locker, enterprises can distribute files from enterprise or cloud servers directly to user’s mobile devices.

  • Ensure the right content gets to the right employee
  • Secure access corporate documents from a mobile device
  • Distribute files over encrypted connections

Integrating with Content Repositories

AirWatch Integration


Enterprises using AirWatch’s Content Locker application to deliver secure mobile access to corporate documents can integrate directly with their existing file systems, including SharePoint, file servers and networks shares. This allows enterprises to distribute and synchronize files from their enterprise or cloud servers to a mobile user’s device. Users are authenticated with a username, password, and certificate before they can access corporate content.

Certificates and PKI


AirWatch allows you to manage content, metadata and security settings for documents synced from a content repository. Specify detailed metadata, including author, keywords, version, and dates created or modified. User permissions can be tied to existing Access Control Lists (ACL) and a VPN connection is not required for access to enterprise systems. Apply default settings for security and deployment or customize based on document requirements. Allow emailing, offline viewing, third party app access or printing on a per document basis. Access to content can also be restricted within a defined geo-fence.