Protect Your Employees' Privacy

Providing users access to corporate email, apps and content on their personal device increases productivity and profitability. But security and privacy concerns can present a major roadblock. So how do you enable employees with the resources they need to be productive while maintaining security and protecting their privacy?

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The AirWatch Privacy First Program

An enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution like VMware AirWatch® is the simplest and most secure way to get business-critical data, email, apps and content on employee devices. However, your employees have to trust their EMM solution before they’ll use the software. To gain this trust, AirWatch puts privacy first.

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AirWatch Puts Privacy First

Empowering Organizations with Privacy Controls

AirWatch is focused on delivering “privacy by design”. We maintain high-end user privacy configurations while continuing to develop fully functional feature sets for IT admins. It’s a win-win for your organization – privacy for users and industry-leading functionality for IT.

Features that Support Your Privacy Initiatives

  • Customizable privacy notices for user device enrollment
  • Remote file storage solutions for countries with data residency laws
  • Anonymous API calls to de-identify and generalize app lists
  • Granular, role-based access controls for access to admin console

Enable Organizations to Deliver Privacy by Default

Enable Organizations to Deliver Privacy by Default

Providing Employees Transparency, Access and Choice

While IT admins understand what can and cannot be tracked on an enrolled device, employees often view EMM solutions as “big brother,” which hinders user adoption and mobile transformation. AirWatch has created to help IT managers educate their employees on user value and privacy, establish employee trust in the software, and enable business process transformation through mobility.

Features that Provide Transparency, Access and Choice

  • Self-service portal for full visibility and access to personal info
  • Personal info collected is displayed in a user-friendly, HTML format
  • Users maintain control with the ability to delete data or opt out
  • Privacy notice notifications before each enterprise app download
  • Policy change notifications as they are implemented