AirWatch in Education

Simplify Education Mobility

Educational institutions are using mobile devices as a means to engage students in new and compelling ways, both inside and the outside of classrooms. In schools and universities across the globe, educators are evolving toward new teaching practices that utilize mobility and digital content to create personalized learning experiences for students that adapt to varying learning styles. Students are increasingly leveraging mobile devices every day to drive their own learning, access content, and collaborate with others, making management of student devices, applications, content and web browsing paramount concerns for educators and parents alike.

AirWatch® by VMware® enables schools to embrace this next generation of learning by empowering educators to deploy, manage and secure mobile devices over the air while also provisioning them with applications and content suited for each student. With AirWatch you can track mobile assets, configure security policies, distribute apps, deploy content and secure access to networks.

Give IT a Flexible and Seamless Deployment

Give IT a Flexible and Seamless Deployment

  • Comprehensive mobility solution
  • Multiple OS support
  • 1:1, shared and BYOD deployments
  • Multitenant architecture
  • Role-based access controls
  • Automated compliance engine
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program
Empower Teachers to Manage Classrooms

Empower Teachers to Manage Classrooms

  • Lock devices for student attention with All Eyes Up Front
  • Manage devices by student, small groups or the whole class
  • Lock students into apps, documents or websites
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Distribute educational content
  • Keep students on task
Engage Students with Mobile Learning

Engage Students with Mobile Learning

  • Facilitate collaboration with teachers and students
  • Communicate securely with teachers and other students
  • Manage homework and assignments for each class

Comprehensive Education Mobility Management Platform

Provide secure, real-time access to educational content anytime, anywhere on any mobile device, extending student learning beyond the classroom in interactive and engaging ways for students of all grade levels. Utilize AirWatch to manage entire mobile device fleets across multiple school or campus locations while placing powerful mobile tools in the hands of educators to optimize learning and enhance student engagement.

Every Mobile Device

Support and manage mobile devices across school systems or campuses, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, printers and peripherals. AirWatch enables schools to provide educators and students with the tools they need on the device type of their choice to transform student learning.

Every Mobile Platform

Encourage administrators, educators and students to use the operating system they are most comfortable with. AirWatch supports multiple operating systems including Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS and Windows devices across your organization from a single, web-based admin console.

Every Mobile Deployment

Manage devices across device ownership models, including educator, staff and student-owned devices. Secure and personalize settings for shared devices with multiuser management or 1:1 deployments, implement secure BYOD programs for teacher and student-owned devices and manage applications and content in a central admin console.

Education Mobile Ecosystem

AirWatch works with key technology partners to provide integrated solutions for your education mobility requirements. The AirWatch education mobile ecosystem includes content filtering, email infrastructure, application developers, malware anti-virus, school networks and content repository providers to support a comprehensive, industry-leading education mobility infrastructure.

Key Capabilities for Education

  • Multitenant and scalable architecture
  • Centralized asset tracking
  • Bring Your Own Device programs
  • Shared device management
  • AirWatch Teacher Tools
  • Single app mode
  • AirWatch® Secure Content Locker
  • AirWatch Browser
  • Apple Device Enrollment Program
  • Apple Volume Purchase Program
  • Education-focused teams

Transforming the Learning Experience with Mobility

Multitenant Architecture

Take advantage of the AirWatch multitenant and highly-scalable architecture to manage devices based on user roles, device types or location group. Maintain control of the entire device fleet at a global level while empowering individual departments or schools to maintain visibility and control of devices under their particular environment.

Centralized Asset Tracking

Monitor Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS X and Windows devices from a single admin console for 1:1, shared or BYOD deployment models to meet your educational institution requirements. View device status, location, and installed profiles, apps and content. Remotely wipe a device if it is lost, stolen or compromised.


Secure mobile assets and access to school networks, protect teacher and student privacy, and separate educational content from personal data. Support devices choices of both teachers and students without compromising the security and management of your mobile fleet.

Shared Devices

Maximize your mobile investment to reach a larger student footprint by utilizing a shared device environment. With AirWatch, allow students the opportunity to check out and check in devices without having to reconfigure the device. Each time a student checks out a device they receive the apps and content specific to their profile. When the device is checked in, their data is removed and the device is ready for the next student.

AirWatch Teacher Tools

Enable teachers to manage classroom devices and guide mobile learning with AirWatch® Teacher Tools. AirWatch Teacher Tools help balance device, content and application management between IT and teachers and provides an easy way to guide student learning. Remotely lock students into any application, shared content, or set of approved URLs to ensure they stay on task. Enable All Eyes Up Front to help transition between individual work and entire class instruction. Learn more about AirWatch Teacher Tools.

Single App Mode

Lock devices in single app mode to display curricula-related apps or personalized assessments to maintain student focus on classroom-specific content. Utilize single app mode for assignments, quizzes or tests.

AirWatch Secure Content Locker

Distribute education files ranging from syllabi to textbooks directly to student and faculty devices. AirWatch Secure Content Locker is designed to provide secure distribution of textbooks, documents, videos and more. With AirWatch Secure Content Locker, store, update and distribute content for access via a mobile device. Utilize AirWatch Secure Content Locker to foster collaboration from student-to-student and student-to-teacher to optimize learning.

AirWatch Browser

Filter web traffic on campus networks to whitelist acceptable websites or blacklist restricted websites, ensuring students navigate only to sites approved by school administrators regardless of connection type, 3G or Wi-Fi. Configure restrictions to remain in place when students remove devices from school grounds, ensuring CIPA compliance.

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Utilize AirWatch to integrate institution-owned iOS devices and Macs with the Apple Device Enrollment Program. Require enrollment “out of the box” and prevent device unenrollment through a non-removable MDM profile. Provision devices over the air and customize the device setup assistant to specific screens to streamline teacher and student device set up.

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

Enable educational institutions to make bulk purchases of apps from iTunes for widespread distribution to students, faculty or staff. AirWatch has pioneered integration with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP), complementing the program with centralized order tracking, secure distribution of redemption codes, compliance monitoring and license management.

Education-focused Teams

AirWatch understands education mobility and has teams across the globe dedicated to the education industry, including sales, R&D and support. We are committed to developing solutions specific to educators. Leverage AirWatch strategic partnerships with industry leaders in the education market to support an unparalleled mobile ecosystem. Special education-specific pricing models and discounts are available for education institutions.

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