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Integrate my hardware or software systems with AirWatch and provide a more comprehensive solution for my customers.

Resell AirWatch products and services to increase my profitability and give me a competitive edge.

Offer hosted solutions to third parties by combining my managed services offering with VMware products and services.

Build enterprise apps that support native operating system capabilities and integrate with the AirWatch platform.

  1. Technology Partner
  2. VMware Solution Provider
  3. VMware Service Provider
  4. AppConfig Community

Technology Partner

AirWatch integrates with the world’s leading technology vendors to deliver the most comprehensive mobile ecosystem and the industry’s foremost security, connectivity and management capabilities. Learn more about integrated partner solutions at our home for AirWatch Technology Partners, the AirWatch Marketplace.

Become an AirWatch Technology Partner to integrate your hardware or software systems with AirWatch and increase market opportunities for your organization.

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VMware Solution Provider

VMware Solution Provider Partners resell AirWatch products and services combined with their expertise and services to design, plan and deploy industry-leading mobile solutions. Solution Provider partners are able to drive license and services business to increase profitability and gain a competitive edge.

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VMware Service Provider

VMware Service Provider Partners offer hosted services to third parties. vCloud Air Network services, offered through VMware Service Providers, enable rapid and cost effective delivery of hybrid cloud services that customers increasingly demand. Service providers benefit from decreased time to market, reduced capital investments and lower development costs to stay competitive in the cloud computing market.

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AppConfig Community

The AppConfig Community provides tools and best practices for mobile app developers to build enterprise-ready apps that support native operating system capabilities and integrate with the AirWatch platform. Ultimately, Community standards aim to make your apps simpler to configure, secure and deploy.

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