AirWatch Partner Program

Our partner program is designed to bring together leading organizations to provide our customers with the most comprehensive mobile ecosystem in the industry. We are committed to the success of our partners and have a dedicated global team to ensure each partner is connected and empowered from the start.

Are you a VMware Solution Provider Partner interested in AirWatch? Start here.

If you are interested in reselling AirWatch solutions and you are not already a VMware Partner, we invite you to apply to the VMware partner network for access to AirWatch technologies as well as additional enablement benefits and incentives. To learn more about the program options and to register as a VMware Partner, please visit

Referral Partner

Referral Partners are organizations that may or may not have a strategic presence in the enterprise mobility marketplace. AirWatch Referral Partners identify new opportunities and are compensated for their involvement in the selling process. All business is sold through AirWatch with the referring partner receiving a commission upon AirWatch receiving payment from customer. Fees: $0.

Reseller Partner

Reseller Partners are organizations that have a strategic presence in the enterprise mobility marketplace. AirWatch Reseller Partners identify new opportunities and are compensated by purchasing AirWatch solutions and services at a discounted margin from MSRP and selling at a partner-defined price point. Fees: $2,500.

Service Provider Partner

Service Provider Partners are organizations that currently deliver mobility solutions to their customer base. AirWatch Service Provider Partners maintain control of their environment within the AirWatch-hosted infrastructure and provide their customers with enterprise mobility management as a managed service. Service Provider Partners can "white-label” or rebrand AirWatch solutions to maximize partner brand recognition. Fees: $5,000.

Technology Partner

Technology Partners are among the world's leading technology vendors with significant market shares within their industries. AirWatch Technology Partners are empowered to integrate their hardware or software systems with the AirWatch solution to increase market opportunities and provide a comprehensive solution to customers. Our mutual customers benefit from this combination of industry and technology knowledge in the mobility marketplace. Fees: $0.

Technology partners include:
  • Device manufacturers
  • Software vendors
  • Service providers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Looking to develop secure mobile apps for the enterprise? Become an AirWatch App Partner.

App Partner

App Partners are concerned with developing enterprise-grade applications with built-in security and management controls. AirWatch App Partners leverage the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate the same features and functionality provided by AirWatch into their own custom-built applications. As an AirWatch App Partner, we do the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on the business goals of your app.

AppShield Partners

AirWatch® AppShield features ISVs, 3rd party developers, MADPs and app mobilization partners integrated with the AirWatch platform and compatible with our security and management framework. With AirWatch AppShield, partners can take advantage of our leading mobile application management (MAM) solutions to meet the security, management and development needs of our joint customers.
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Partner with an Industry Leader

  • Largest MDM provider with over 1,800 employees
  • 20+ years of experience in building and scaling enterprise software
  • Commitment to continuous product development and innovation
  • Deep technical knowledge and industry experience in mobility
  • Core focus on delivering value and increasing customer satisfaction

Simplify Enterprise Mobility

  • Dynamic market driving significant demand from IT organizations
  • Deliver a comprehensive solution designed with unique differentiators
  • Expedite sales and take advantage of cross and up-sell opportunities
  • Build deeper customer relationships with mobility solutions