Ensure Secure Connections to Corporate Email

Access to mobile email is essential for employees who need to work on the go, however corporate email often contains sensitive data and documents. Companies need to ensure their mobile email strategy keeps data secure while providing an intuitive experience for end users.

VMware AirWatch® Mobile Email Management delivers comprehensive security for corporate email infrastructures. Email security requirements vary for organizations, depending on supported device ownership models and industry regulations. AirWatch offers flexible options for your email management strategy, giving you choice over the deployment strategy that best fits your business and security requirements. Integration with existing email infrastructures ensures you are maximizing your technology investments. Access to corporate email can be configured through the native device client or VMware AirWatch® Inbox, a secure email container.

Email Platform Integration

Maximize your existing corporate email infrastructure investment through integration to AirWatch mobile email management solution. AirWatch supports integration with Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007/2010/2013, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Office365/BPOS and Google Apps infrastructures.

Email Platform

Proxy Model

Deploy the proxy model through the VMware AirWatch® Secure Email Gateway for an additional layer of security between your corporate email infrastructure and end user devices. With Secure Email Gateway, enforce email access control policies such as require device encryption, block compromised devices, deploy or revoke certificates, and discover and block unmanaged devices. The proxy model also enables email attachment security by requiring attachments open in an approved application, such as VMware AirWatch® Content Locker.

Direct Integration

AirWatch also supports direct integration with Microsoft and Google infrastructures using APIs. With these models, enforce email access control policies such as require device encryption, block compromised devices, deploy or revoke certificates, and block unmanaged devices.

Email Clients

Native Clients

Enable secure corporate email access through the native client on Apple, Android and Windows devices. End user experience is seamless and familiar. Depending on your organization’s requirements and email infrastructure, AirWatch offers varying levels of security through email profiles, certificates, compliance policies and attachment control.

Native Email Clients

AirWatch Inbox

AirWatch Inbox is a secure email container that provides complete separation of corporate and personal data. Protected with AES 256-bit encryption, AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data loss prevention policies to secure sensitive data. AirWatch Inbox provides a seamless user experience for quick access to corporate email, calendar and contacts on Android, Apple iOS and Windows 8.1 devices. Ideal for high regulation deployments and BYOD programs, AirWatch Inbox can be deployed as a managed application on the device or within VMware AirWatch® Container.

Enterprise-grade Security

Enterprise-grade Security

By automatically provisioning email accounts to AirWatch Inbox, you can enforce access control policies by preventing users from configuring accounts. Users can be authenticated with username and password, as well as digital certificates. Data in transit and at rest is encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption. Email accounts can be monitored and configured remotely, and administrators can push messages and remotely wipe email data and settings for compromised or non-compliant devices.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention

Configure advanced data loss prevention restrictions to ensure email security. Disable the ability to copy and paste data outside of AirWatch Inbox and prevent email forwarding to blacklisted domains. Require attachments to be viewed in VMware AirWatch® Content Locker or disable the ability to send and receive attachments via email. Restrict the size of attachments and prevent HTML content. Configure hyperlinks to open only in VMware AirWatch® Browser or other approved web browser. Disable access to email, calendar and contacts from non-compliant devices.

Intuitive User Experience

View and modify email, calendar and contacts in AirWatch Inbox. From AirWatch Inbox, receive and send corporate email, view specific email folders, search for emails, and filter emails by status. Create, sync and accept calendar events and resolve conflicts between events. Create contacts and groups, and sync corporate contacts. Enable single sign on between AirWatch Inbox and other enterprise applications for a seamless, secure user experience. AirWatch Inbox also allows for customizable settings and supports 16 languages for the optimal user experience.

Flexible Deployment

AirWatch Inbox can be deployed as a managed application on the device or within AirWatch Container.

Intuitive User Experience