Driving Business Innovation & Accelerating Apple in the Enterprise

VMware AirWatch enables you to increase the effectiveness of employees, connect with customers in ways previously impossible and transform your business with iOS devices.

AirWatch Support for iOS

Operating System Versions Devices Additional Apple Support
iOS 10 - Learn More iPhone Apple TV
iOS 9, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 iPad Apple Watch
iOS 8 iPad Pro Mac OS X
iOS 7 iPod touch

Apple Device Management

Choose the devices that meet your requirements, and unlock the business potential with AirWatch. We provide complete support for iOS devices, including: iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV. Apple has built mobile device management (MDM) frameworks directly in their operating systems, enabling AirWatch to seamlessly configure and manage business devices.

Device Enrollment Program (DEP)
Simplified Deployments with Industry Templates

Simplified Deployments with Industry Templates

Maybe you know what you would like to accomplish with a mobility—but aren’t sure where to start. For the first time, VMware AirWatch is guiding our customers through their deployments by recommending workflows, apps and policies for key mobility initiatives. We’ve harnessed the expertise gained from managing thousands of mobility initiatives and millions of devices—as well as working with Apple as one of their mobility partners—to deliver these wizard-like templates in our admin console. In AirWatch 8.3, we’ve delivered templates for healthcare, hospitality, retail, education and field services. Industry templates simplify mobility initiatives with the right workflows, apps and policies, delivered in a single click.

Commitment to Same-day Support

Take advantage of the newest features available from Apple with our instant support for new OS releases. With instant support, you can be ready to support users as they update iOS to the latest version, without re-enrollment, interruption of services or interference with device management. AirWatch now supports iOS 9.3, enabling enables new operational efficiencies and unlocks new deployment use cases. Visit our blog to learn more about our same-day support for iOS 9.3.

iOS 9
Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Apple Device Enrollment Program

Get devices in the hands of your users fast with AirWatch. Our integration with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) helps streamline setup for users, automates management for IT and ensures devices are configured the way you want—as soon as they’re taken out of the box. Simply setup your admin account with Apple, and then configure device settings in the admin console. Then, users can quickly enroll in AirWatch with zero touch from IT.

App Management

Allow your employees to work from anywhere with productivity and collaboration apps built for the enterprise. With AirWatch, you can deliver the right apps to the right people from our admin console. Our direct integration with the Apple App Store enables you to find and distribute the public apps your end users will love with a custom app catalog. With integrated business-ready apps, development tools for iOS, simplified purchasing, and our own productivity app suite, AirWatch provides support for the full app management lifecycle.


Apple Volume Purchase Program

Procure apps in bulk to scale distribution for your organization, departments and locations. Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it easy to source apps and iBooks in bulk for your users to meet business needs, whether from the App Store or as a custom B2B application. AirWatch integration with VPP allows you to purchase, manage, allocate and revoke licenses.

The Platform to Bring it all Together

With AirWatch, device management, app distribution and more come together for easy administration for IT and a seamless experience for your end users.

Android Management
For End Users

For End Users

Say yes to the demands of executives, line of business leaders and end users. AirWatch enables you to support multiple mobile initiatives across your organization with a single platform. Deliver devices, apps, content and more to your end users—without sacrificing security or the native experience end users love. DEP, VPP and AirWatch capabilities make it simple for users to be instantly productive, without complicated device setup or app searches.

For IT

With a modern architecture designed for mobile, AirWatch provides unified management of every endpoint, end-to-end security and seamless integration to enterprise systems. Group and manage devices differently based on ownership, location, business unit, device type and more. Secure corporate data at the user, device, app and network level. Extend existing enterprise systems to mobile through our built-in integrations and extensive API framework.