Flexible Containerization for Your Mobile Deployment

As mobility becomes an integral part of the way companies do business, addressing the challenges of protecting enterprise data on mobile devices has become critical. AirWatch® Container Management provides complete separation of corporate and personal data on devices, securing corporate resources and maintaining employee privacy. AirWatch enables organizations to standardize enterprise security and data loss prevention strategies across mobile devices through our flexible approach to containerization. With app-level and AirWatch Container options for containerization, you can deploy corporate containers to fit your enterprise security requirements.

Flexible Experience

Unified View

AirWatch container solutions for email, apps, content and browsing can be deployed as stand-alone applications on the device. While users can see their corporate resources alongside their personal apps, enterprise data is protected within each container.

Unified View
Dual-persona View

Dual-persona View

With AirWatch Container, corporate data and personal data are completely separated on the device. The end user can only access corporate resources such as email, apps, content and intranet browsing while logged into the secure container.

Container Solutions

AirWatch has developed container solutions for corporate email, applications, content and browsing as part of our comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management platform. We also support OEM containers, including Android for Work, Samsung KNOX and Apple iOS 7+.

  • Email Container: Enable secure access to corporate email, calendar and contacts through AirWatch Inbox for Android and Apple iOS and Windows PC/RT. AirWatch also provides a hybrid approach for using native clients with a secure container for email attachments.
  • Application Containers: Develop secure apps with the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) ACE documentation, or wrap already developed apps into a secure container with AirWatch App Wrapping. AirWatch also provides a fully customizable App Catalog for easy distribution and management of enterprise apps.
  • Content Container: Distribution of sensitive corporate content and enable easy access, file sync and collaboration with AirWatch Content Locker. AirWatch Content Locker seamlessly integrates with content repositories and provides flexible storage options.
  • Browsing Container: Enable secure Internet browsing with AirWatch Browser features, including custom configuration modes, whitelists and blacklists, and app tunneling to intranet sites without a VPN connection.

AirWatch container solutions are designed to work together to provide a seamless user experience with single sign on capabilities and cross-container integration. Email attachments and content can be required to open in Content Locker, and hyperlinks in emails and content can be required to open in AirWatch Browser for ultimate data loss prevention.

Mobile Container

AirWatch Container enables you to compartmentalize and manage enterprise applications and data without having to manage the entire device. Utilizing a dual-persona on the device, organizations can enable a standardized workspace across all devices with a consistent and branded user experience. AirWatch Container provides enterprise-grade security with user authentication, single sign on, copy/paste prevention, data encryption, app-level policies, compliance monitoring and management.

Mobile Workspace
Integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Integration with Mobile Device Management (MDM)

With AirWatch, you can extend your containerization strategy through integration with Mobile Device Management . Integration with AirWatch Mobile Device Management enables additional security and management capabilities at the device level in addition to the individual container level.