Embrace the Mobile Cloud Era with Content Collaboration

Mobility is transforming the way we work, reshaping how end users interact with corporate content and one another, in the office and on the road. Employees are demanding anytime, anywhere access to the content they need, while maintaining their unique workflows, habits and preferences. By providing a central access point to resources and collaboration capabilities, businesses can reimagine processes and promote innovation and user productivity.

Embrace the mobile cloud era with the VMware® Collaboration Bundle to aggregate content, drive organizational alignment, discover experts, and connect applications and people with content, social networking and video services. These simple to use, but powerfully integrated solutions, spur innovation, transform business processes, and distribute knowledge across the organization, all while protecting sensitive information and intellectual property.

A Comprehensive Content Collaboration Solution

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AirWatch® Content Locker protects sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access, distribute and collaborate on the latest documents from their mobile devices.

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AirWatch® Video simplifies video distribution, security and management for the enterprise, integrating with content delivery network providers to enable organizations to scale company-wide video initiatives.

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Socialcast® by VMware® provides enterprises with a social networking platform that connects people, conversations, documents and projects in one place.

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Aggregate Content

  • Support a range of on premise and cloud content repositories in a single pane of glass
  • Enable users to view, store and collaborate on personal and corporate documents
  • Provide users a seamless experience by syncing content across mobile, desktop and web
  • Secure content with advanced data loss prevention settings such as AES 256-bit encryption, download restrictions and sharing limitations
  • Extend AirWatch Content Locker to the broader AirWatch EMM platform to gain added benefits such as email attachment control, SSO, per app VPN and more
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Align the Organization

  • Broadcast messages from Socialcast to inform the organization of relevant news and events to ensure individuals and departments are aligned
  • Open dialogue across the organization during live events, online or in-person through Socialcast Town Hall functionality
  • Ensure remote employees have access to corporate content, enabling file interaction and collaboration directly from their mobile devices with AirWatch Content Locker
  • Transform employee training with simple sharing and management controls with AirWatch Video
  • Make videos accessible to users across all mobile devices to enable learning at their own pace and allow more time for effective mentoring and coaching
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Discover Expertise

  • Enable employees to join interest groups and connect with peers and experts beyond traditional means with Socialcast
  • Promote adoption and interactivity with Socialcast’s Q&A and Challenges options, engaging experts to answer critical questions and provide feedback within minutes
  • Leverage Socialcast’s Recommendations to connect people to information
  • Categorize information and people by skill or interest group, further simplifying how information can be found and gathered
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Connect People and Process

  • Expand beyond typical social network capabilities and embed context, communication and access to content directly in existing applications within the organization
  • Expose social network services including AirWatch Content Locker file sharing directly into web-based applications through Reach APIs, and permit deep integrations into any application with social object APIs available with Socialcast
  • Ensure daily workflows are never interrupted by keeping field workers connected to corporate resources at all times with AirWatch Content Locker
  • Provide productivity tools such as document editing and annotation, photo and video capture, audio recording, content creation and more to support daily tasks
  • Leverage CDN vendor integrations with AirWatch Video to support seamless access to product demos, system tutorials and much more