Secure Content Collaboration


Employees need access to corporate content on-the-go to stay productive. Many employees are taking advantage of free file synchronization and sharing services to access sensitive documents, putting your organization’s corporate data at risk and creating shadow IT. By providing employees the latest corporate content on their mobile devices, organizations can substantially reduce printing, paper and shipping costs.

VMware AirWatch® enables secure mobile access to content anytime, anywhere. VMware AirWatch® Content Locker protects your sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access, store, update and distribute the latest documents from their mobile devices.

How is content driving an initiative in your organization?

Securely Distributing Corporate Content
Securely Distributing Corporate Content
  • HR departments are expediting onboarding and off boarding processes
  • Training teams are distributing content to employees and external partners
  • Sales teams are driving sales with instant access to product information
  • Marketing teams are distributing the latest materials to remote and mobile teams

Drive a Business Process
Driving a Business Process

Enterprises rely on their file sync and share solution to support flexible business workflows to achieve profitable interactions with both internal and external stakeholders. Corporate content often travels through multiple processes, which could bottleneck or create vulnerabilities without proper enterprise-grade security for creation, collaboration and approval stages. AirWatch Content Locker supports varied business ecosystems and offers a centralized access and collaboration point for all corporate content.

Replace a Paper Process
Replacing a Paper Process

Businesses are saving millions of dollars annually when adopting paperless work processes by implementing AirWatch Content Locker. Many industries are realizing the value of enterprise file sync and share solutions. Significant paper and printing costs are eliminated, while productivity is instantly increased.

Boost ROI
Boosting ROI

With AirWatch Content Locker, organizations are:

  • Saving on expenses associated with hardware and supplies (paper, ink, toner, etc.), printing and power consumption and waste.
  • Increasing IT’s productivity by eliminating the many drawback of FTPs, including latency, frequent data leakage and hidden costs.
  • Reducing the time spent on traditionally time-consuming, complex processes by providing AirWatch Content Locker and enabling a single access point for all corporate content.
  • Eliminating all performance and security risks by replacing existing VPN with VMware AirWatch infrastructure, including VMware AirWatch® Mobile Access Gateway, VMware AirWatch® App Wrapping and the AirWatch App Tunnel.

What makes AirWatch Content Locker different?

AirWatch Content Locker is the only solution in the market developed on a true enterprise mobility management platform. Our comprehensive platform was built from the ground up on a unified code base to scale and grow with the mobility requirements of your organization, creating the most viable solution over the long-term and providing unparalleled benefits to our customers.