AirWatch in Finance

Key Features for Finance

In the financial industry, security is the paramount concern of IT administrators as mobile devices are increasingly being used to access sensitive financial data. Employees are optimizing financial investment opportunities by evaluating acquisition targets, analyzing financial performance and evaluating client portfolios. AirWatch ensures compliance with security regulations for financial institutions, from community credit unions to international financial consulting firms. Our advanced security capabilities protect sensitive financial data, whether it’s a corporate or employee-owned device.

Enhanced Security

AirWatch enables financial institutions to leverage advanced mobile devices and applications without compromising security. Monitor device compliance and auditing in accordance with SOX and FINRA regulations. AirWatch’s advanced security capabilities include strong user authentication using AD/LDAP, certificate-based access to enterprise Email, Wi-Fi and VPN, network access control and security of apps and documents.

Audit and Compliance

In an industry heavily regulated by the government, AirWatch ensures mobility security concerns are being addressed. AirWatch’s advanced compliance engine constantly monitors your device fleet for unauthorized users, compromised devices, blacklisted apps and other risks. When a threat is identified, AirWatch can block access to enterprise email, applications and resources, lock, and wipe a device automatically. And in case you need to perform a fleet audit, AirWatch’s System Information and Event Management (SIEM) capabilities allow you to record and view both device and console events.

AirWatch Content Locker

With the AirWatch Content Locker mobile application, financial institutions can now securely distribute and access sensitive documents from their mobile device. Transmit documents over industry standard 256-bit SSL encrypted connections and prevent access for unauthorized users or non-compliant devices. Control a user’s ability to edit, share or open files in unauthorized applications, and remotely wipe documents from the console. And restrict content access to a defined location or time of day with geofencing and time-based profiles.

VPN On Demand

AirWatch provides institutions the ability to provision a VPN profile to devices to automatically configure access to corporate networks and file systems. Our advanced VPN On Demand capability allows mobile users to securely access specific websites through a VPN tunnel. This process is invisible and seamless to the user, allowing them to continue working without interruptions.

Advanced Features

For institutions developing business applications, AirWatch offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) to help standardize user authentication, enforce security policies and manage application updates based on our core framework. AirWatch also provides a collection of APIs that allow external programs to use core product functionality. Enterprises can use this to integrate with existing IT infrastructures and third party applications, such as internal company stores.

Secure Mobile Browser

Filtering and auditing web traffic is essential to banks, whether in a retail branch or corporate headquarters. With the AirWatch Secure Mobile Browser, IT administrators can configure a Proxy Mode where the browser is tunneled through their network and enforce user authentication. In a branch setting, a Kiosk Mode can be configured to restrict browsing to a single website. This secure connection allows you to audit and secure sensitive financial data and company resources.


  • Enforce mobile security and maximize Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Secure connections to corporate Email, VPN and WiFi networks
  • Configure consistent policies, settings and restrictions across any device
  • Implement a secure way to distribute and access corporate documents
  • Develop business apps with key security and management capabilities built in
  • Adopt a flexible platform that supports corporate devices and BYOD programs