Identity Management for the Mobile Cloud Era

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In today’s world, applications and information are everywhere, both inside and outside the walls of your datacenter. IT departments are under more pressure than ever to secure and manage this new, changing landscape. Old methods of deploying applications are complex and often ineffective, relying heavily on domain-joined desktops and general-purpose VPN access.

VMware Identity Manager administers the complete user lifecycle across the hybrid cloud complete with a custom app store, user provisioning, and application usage analytics to monitor and manage resources. In the mobile cloud era, VMware Identity Manager is the ideal solution, delivering the first mobile cloud identity management platform that federates user accounts for SaaS, web, and native mobile applications requiring no change to the application and solving a major roadblock to mobile application adoption in the enterprise.

Simplify Business Mobility with One Touch Access

For end users to be productive, they must have simple access to corporate resources no matter the device they are using or where they are. Single sign-on (SSO) eliminates the need for end users to remember multiple usernames and passwords when accessing various apps and systems. Beyond saving the hassle and expense of help desk calls, SSO can easily be turned off to protect against data leakage in the event of employee separation. VMware Identity Manager includes an identity provider or token generator, but can also integrate with existing identity providers that may already be in place to aggregate SSO apps into one convenient catalog.


Identity Management


Identity Management

Empower Employees with a Self-service App Store

The VMware Identity Manager is a one-stop shop for enterprise applications, supporting a wide range of web, virtual and natively installed applications all from one place, and also works with a range of enterprise SaaS vendors to provide pre-defined integrations including automated user provisioning. Instead of entering tickets, employees can simply search the catalog and select applications they want to subscribe to and kick-off automated or manual provisioning as required.

Administrators may also auto-provision apps to users individually or as a group. VMware Identity Manager permits subscription events to kickoff approval workflows. The HTML5 app catalog is supported across all devices and includes simple sorting by category or favorites. Leverage rich usage reporting and easy-to-use analytics to understand trends and plan capacity management and licensing powered with information. Customize the VMware Identity Manager application to include your brand, logos or other design elements.

Streamline User Experience and Security

By following the AirWatch enrollment process, trust is established between the user, device, mobile network, cloud and datacenter using progressive registration with AirWatch adaptive access. Using a unique, AirWatch enrolled device with managed timeouts and PIN strength provides stronger authentication than passwords alone. Beyond app usage analytics, device analytics supplied through AirWatch enrolled devices permit IT to understand the intersection of apps and devices to make intelligent decisions about capacity planning and new service development.


Identity Management


Identity Management

Grow With a Trusted Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

VMware Identity Manager leverages the same core identity management solution powering VMware vCloud Air and the vCloud Suite in the world's most advanced datacenters and enterprise-class infrastructure clouds. VMware Identity Manager also contains a powerful conditional policy engine and can seamlessly integrate with industry leading infrastructure. Support multiple Active Directory domains, forests and different trust configurations for extreme flexibility when integrating with existing environments. Beyond the trust established between the user, device and the datacenter, additional layers of authentication may be leveraged with VMware Identity Manager such as native device biometrics APIs, third-party biometrics or tap-and-go systems from other vendors.