Comprehensive App Security, Management and Deployment

Mobile applications have become an integral part of the way your end users work. IT must move beyond static app distribution to meet the app security, management and productivity requirements of organizations today. As the demand for apps rises, developers must have the tools they need to build secure apps, IT must have the control and visibility they require to manage the full app lifecycle, and end users must have seamless access and connectivity to the corporate resources they need.

VMware AirWatch® Mobile Application Management allows IT to procure or develop, secure, dynamically deploy and manage applications while protecting end user privacy and driving app adoption. End users get the apps they need to be productive without sacrificing privacy, and app developers are able to deliver the management and security features that IT demands.

With AirWatch, easily manage internal, public and purchased apps throughout the entire lifecycle across employee-owned, corporate-owned and shared devices from one central console.

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Source or Develop

App Ecosystem Number One

AirWatch provides flexibility to IT and your business to support all application types, including public, internal, purchased, web and virtual applications. Reduce the time it takes to get apps to end users by providing the tools to streamline beta testing and distribution processes as well as the hand off between development, testers and IT.

App Types

Integrate with public app stores such as the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Microsoft Store to allow access to public apps in VMware AirWatch® Catalog. Purchase apps, iBooks and custom B2B apps in bulk and easily manage your licenses through AirWatch integration with the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP). AirWatch provides development tools that ensure your internally developed apps can be easily managed with AirWatch. Configure web apps with web clip profiles, and support virtual apps through integration with AirWatch and the VMware Workspace Portal.

App Ecosystem and Marketplace

The AirWatch app ecosystem consists of integrated solutions and strategic partnerships that enable your organization’s next-generation mobile application strategies. AirWatch® AppShield features independent software vendors (ISVs), mobile application development platforms (MADPs), rapid app development platforms (RAD) and third party developers integrated with the AirWatch platform. AirWatch offers a suite of enterprise apps built on the same common framework as well as solutions for app reputation scanning, app testing, app analytics and performance management, mBaas and build servers, making development easier. Visit our App Ecosystem section to learn more.

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App Development

AirWatch offers a streamlined workflow for developing, reviewing, assigning and deploying internal apps. IT administrators can split the application creation and publishing process into steps, including purchase or develop, secure and distribute. Each step can be assigned to a different admin and corresponds to a workflow status. To enable organizations to build and secure their internal applications, AirWatch offers three development approaches: the AirWatch® Software Development Kit, AirWatch® App Wrapping and AirWatch® Mobile Device Management following ACE. Visit our App Development section to learn more.

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App Testing

AirWatch also provides developer tools to streamline beta testing and distribution processes. To test new applications or updates, AirWatch allows you to deploy multiple versions of the same application, including beta versions. Deploy a selected version to specific users, organization groups or device types for testing.


App Ecosystem Number One

AirWatch provides turnkey solutions to give administrators ultimate application security. With AirWatch, organizations can protect their apps with device or application-level policies. Native apps can be restricted, app whitelists and blacklists can be configured, and use policies can be set. Access to corporate data can be disabled if a device is compromised or non-compliant, keeping your corporate data secure. AirWatch also provides application development tools and integrations through our extensive ecosystem to ensure your apps meet security standards.

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App Containerization

AirWatch extends core security and management capabilities required by organizations across their enterprise apps. These core app feature sets, including configuration, authentication, connectivity, data loss prevention and auditing are provided through three different AirWatch solution approaches: the AirWatch Software Development Kit, AirWatch App Wrapping and AirWatch Mobile Device Management for apps developed following ACE documentation. Each approach has its own advantages, and our flexible approach allows organizations to make the choice that best meets their requirements. Visit our App Development section to learn more.

Enterprise Integration and Connectivity icon

Enterprise Integration and Connectivity

Ensure secure connectivity through user, device and application validation. Prevent outside applications from using the connection by enabling app tunneling through AirWatch® Tunnel, AirWatch® Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) or per-app VPN. AirWatch Tunnel can be used alone or in conjunction with the MAG proxy to securely connect both internal and public apps to intranet sites and corporate resources.
Visit our AirWatch Tunnel section to learn more.

By combining per-app VPN with VMware NSX network virtualization platform, organizations can deliver user-level micro-segmentation that extends security from the device all the way inside the data center.


App Ecosystem Number Three

Deliver the right applications to the right people and provide an exceptional user experience with AirWatch. AirWatch enables administrators to push applications automatically when users enroll, manually push apps to enrolled devices at any time, and make applications available for on-demand installation in AirWatch Catalog.

Smart Groups and Assignment Rules

With AirWatch, IT can create smart groups to assign applications, enabling more granular app distribution determined by ownership type, device platform, user group and more. Different smart groups with different settings can be configured for the same application. App distribution can be scheduled and prioritized, so IT can make sure apps are deployed to the most critical end users first.

Stage App Deployments

AirWatch allows administrators to stage an app to deploy in the future. Target subsets of users for a controlled release and set updates to deploy automatically or on-demand. Set application effective and expiration dates and configure internal application install commands to send in batches. IT can configure batch size, the frequency of batch release and how often the system checks for new assignments.

Unified App Catalog

In AirWatch® Catalog, end users can easily find desktop, mobile, virtual and web applications available for on-demand installation. Users can view, browse, search and install applications selected by their administrator based on their role and user group. AirWatch integration with VMware® Horizon Workspace™ further expands capabilities to support a host of applications for Mac OS and Windows, such as web apps, XenApps, ThinApps and virtual apps.

Single Identity Across Apps

Single Identity Across Apps

AirWatch provides end users with a single point of entry across business applications by leveraging built in identity management through VMware Horizon Application Manager and third party identity management providers. End users can work seamlessly with a one-time session login for their managed apps. IT benefits from fewer calls to the help desk with requests to reset end users’ passwords.

Flexible Management

Flexible Management

AirWatch provides flexible ways to distribute apps to your end users. AirWatch Catalog used along with AirWatch Mobile Device Management is ideal for employees using corporate-owned and employee-owned devices. Integration with AirWatch® Container can be ideal for BYOD users, contractors and vendors, and allows IT to manage corporate data without managing the device. Finally, distributing AirWatch Catalog as a stand-alone app is ideal for customers using B2C applications.


App Ecosystem Number Four

AirWatch enables intuitive app management with advanced administrative control features. Leverage AirWatch multitenancy and role-based access to delegate app management to different administrators. View app inventory, versions, status, ratings and more, plus how many users have installed an app versus how many were assigned the app. Enable single-click app installation and removal from the console. Administrators can also track app data in AirWatch, including description, workflow status, Terms of Use acceptance history and more.

Trends and Feedback

With AirWatch, end users can rate and review both public and internal applications. Comments and ratings are visible to other users and administrators in AirWatch Catalog. If an application crashes, AirWatch captures the crash log and automatically sends it to app developers for detailed diagnostics (for apps developed with AirWatch SDK).


The AirWatch Hub includes customizable dashboards to give you the latest application analytics, and export capabilities allow you to produce advanced reports. View entire app inventory, including internal, public and purchased applications, and track application versions, version adoption and update history. For more details on a particular application, per-app dashboards enable IT to view app installation on devices, install commands released by the batching logic and app deployment progress.

AirWatch Analytics

AirWatch Analytics provides a central place to view all apps, both managed and unmanaged (if data is collected based on privacy settings). Compare your data against different metrics such as industry, region and market. View the usage rate for each app in your enterprise as well as the top apps by installation.