Secure Mobile Browsing to Business Sites

Mobile Internet access provides a wealth of possibilities for interactive customer experiences, mobile point of sale transactions and more, but it also poses security risks. Employees often have access to websites that are unnecessary to your business and could contain malware.

AirWatch® Mobile Browsing Management enables secure browsing and provides organizations with the ability to configure customized settings to meet their unique business and end-user needs. AirWatch® Browser allows administrators to define and enforce secure browsing policies from the admin console. Our secure browser allows corporations to take advantage of mobile browsing without security risks.

Authorized User

Browsing Policies

With AirWatch, you can disable native browsers and public browser applications to drive all browsing through AirWatch Browser. This allows you to customize web browsing to fit your specific business requirements; whitelist IP addresses for access; define use policies for cookie acceptance, copy/paste, printing and capturing browsing history; and require Terms of Use (TOU) agreement acceptance. You can also require downloaded content to open in AirWatch Content LockerTM.

Mobile Access Gateway

AirWatch Browser is pre-configured to use app tunneling through the AirWatch® Mobile Access Gateway to proxy access to internal resources in your LAN. The AirWatch Mobile Access Gateway provides a single, secure point of entry for all compliant devices to access enterprise services. Communication between AirWatch Browser and internal networks is encrypted using TLS/SSL and certificate-based authentication is used. Enable VPN-like functionality without requiring a third-party VPN on the device. AirWatch Browser provides broad flexibility to allow you to define the intranet sites users have access to.


Mobile Access Gateway

Browser Use Cases

AirWatch Browser ensures a secure browsing experience by providing different settings to fit the unique needs of your company and customers. Administrators can define security settings for each ownership type, and real-time adjustments can be made over the air as your needs evolve.

Security and Management

Corporate Devices

For corporate-owned devices, restrict access to only intranet sites and a pre-defined list of external websites. Enable the app tunnel to connect AirWatch Browser to enterprise intranet sites and third-party web filters via the AirWatch Mobile Access Gateway. Disable the native browser and integrate with single sign on for other business apps.

Line-of-Business Devices

Line of Business Devices

For line of business devices, administrators can enable kiosk mode to disable navigation and browsing capability. In kiosk mode, users can only navigate through a single site. Administrators can also set inactivity time limits.



To maintain corporate security, administrators can allow employees access to corporate intranet sites through AirWatch Browser on employee-owned devices. Enable single sign on and app tunneling to connect AirWatch Browser to enterprise intranets and third-party web filters.

Easy-to-Use Interface

AirWatch Browser enables an intuitive user experience similar to native browsers that your employees are comfortable using. Tabbed browsing allows multiple websites to be open in the same window. The navigation bar, navigation arrows and refresh button enable an easy experience for your users. The share button allows users to access to bookmarks, email links to accounts associated with AirWatch and print webpages if the setting is available. The menu button allows viewing of several additional options such as history, whitelisted sites and pre-approved bookmarks.

Easy-to-Use Interface