Support Shared Devices in Your Enterprise Mobility Deployment

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way that businesses operate, how students learn and the methods doctors employ to treat patients. Since deploying a device to each user can be cost-prohibitive, many organizations deploy devices to be shared by multiple users. Shared devices present increased security and device management challenges, and IT administrators must ensure that devices are secure and each user receives the restrictions, apps and content they need.

AirWatch® Multiuser Management helps organizations across all industries address the challenges of shared devices. AirWatch helps meet enterprise security and management requirements for shared devices while providing the personalized experiences that users demand.

Manage and Secure Shared Devices

Manage and Secure Shared Devices

AirWatch allows users to share devices without compromising security. To prevent unauthorized access, each user is authenticated before checking-out and using a device. Settings can be configured across an organizational group or specific to individual users. Shared devices remain enrolled and under management during the check-out and check-in process, so devices are always secure, even when not in use.

Simplify End User Experience

Device Check-Out

Device Check-out

To check-out a device, users simply enter their credentials in the AirWatch Agent. Devices can be shared by members of different groups in your organization and settings are configured with profiles, Wi-Fi, VPN, applications and content based on permissions set by the IT administrator for that device, user and organization group. Users are prompted to accept updated Terms of Use before checking out devices.

Device Check-in

Device Check-in

When a user is done using a device, they check-in the device from the AirWatch Agent. All settings and features are removed, and the device is locked down and ready for the next user. The process is self-contained in the Agent, and devices remain a blank slate or auto-configured to Single App Mode based on shared device settings until an authorized user checks-out the device.

Fixed Configuration

Configure Shared Devices

AirWatch allows for maximum flexibility in multi-user management configurations. Devices can be configured through staged enrollment to share the same standard profiles or to be dynamic based on the user checking-out the device. When a device has a staged enrollment, the same settings and features become available to every user and remain consistent for that device.

Dynamic Configuration

With a dynamic configuration, the settings and features available are personalized to the user that checks-out the device. Administrators can also disable the user’s ability to alter device configurations or provide the user with the freedom to change specific settings. Administrators can always view the current device user and the profiles installed on a device, whether they choose staged enrollment or dynamic configuration.