AirWatch in Retail

Key Features for Retail

Mobility is changing the retail industry and top retailers around the world are joining the transformation at a rapid pace. The trend extends from store locations up to corporate offices and out to operations and distribution centers. Mobile initiatives allow retailers to keep store associates up to date with the latest product and customer information, provide a faster checkout and quality in-store customer experience, and ultimately enhance their brand across corporate and store locations.

Multi-tenant Architecture

AirWatch’s multi-tenant architecture is designed to support a large number of devices. Administrators can manage all devices across corporate, stores, distribution, field service, company brands, and global locations in a single console. The entire device fleet can be managed at a global level while empowering different groups or divisions to maintain visibility and control of devices.

Enhanced Security

AirWatch enables retailers to leverage advanced mobile devices and applications without compromising security and compliance. AirWatch’s advanced security capabilities include strong user authentication, device location tracking and geofencing, and granular access control policies for business apps and documents based on a user’s role or device use. AirWatch has helped many retailers maintain PCI compliance for mobile devices in stores.

Secure Browser

In order to maintain consistency across online and physical locations, many retailers are leveraging branded content on their websites in stores. Customers enjoy a cross channel experience and associates can access store and DC inventory through their mobile devices or a fixed kiosk. With the AirWatch Secure Mobile Browser, IT administrators can whitelist acceptable websites or blacklist restricted websites, ensuring customers and associates navigate only to approved sites. The Secure Browser also allows stores to deploy web-based custom apps specific to their business.

AirWatch Content Locker

Associates can now access documents on the store floor, keeping them out of the backroom and in front of customers. AirWatch’s Content Locker provides a secure and easy-to-access mobile application where documents or videos can be stored, updated and distributed for fast access. Employees can view planograms, look books, store promotions, training materials, CRM data and sales figures directly on their device. AirWatch Content Locker also provides administrators with visibility into what devices and users have downloaded the content and are compliant with the latest version.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Many retailers are building custom applications to differentiate their brand. With the AirWatch SDK, retailers are able to embed our SDK into their apps to add an extra layer of security and take advantage of core management features, including Geofencing, analytics and location tracking. AirWatch has strong partnerships with top retail application developers which are embedding our SDK into their apps for MPOS, business intelligence and mobile kiosks.


  • Implement a multi-tenant architecture to support multiple business units
  • Maximize store associate productivity and keep them out of the backroom
  • Maintain consistent brand image across corporate and store locations
  • Implement a secure way to distribute and access corporate documents
  • Develop business apps with key security and management capabilities built in