AirWatch in Transportation

Key Features for Transportation

The airline industry is truly mobile with the recent Federal Aviation Authority’s (FAA) approval of the use of tablets as standard equipment onboard aircrafts. This has prompted a revolution of technology in the industry, from replacing traditional flight bags to providing better customer service to passengers with the use of mobile devices. AirWatch works with major airlines on mobile initiatives onboard, in flight, in the airport and corporate offices.

Electronic Flight Bags

The FAA approval of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) has allowed pilots to replace the 40-pound paper flight bag with a tablet. Airlines have seen the return on investment with the reduction of weight and savings of paper printing and fuel costs. Pilots are now able to access flight charts and configurations within seconds.

AirWatch Content Locker

In addition to the EFB, pilots and flight crews need access to other critical documents, including fleet manuals, crew bulletins and training materials. AirWatch’s Content Locker provides an easy-to-access portal where documents or videos can be stored, updated and distributed for access via a mobile device in the cockpit. AirWatch can ensure content is accessible offline and manage downloads while roaming.

Improved Customer Service

Pilots aren’t the only ones using mobile devices in-flight. Cabin services are using mobile devices to optimize customer service. Custom applications and the AirWatch Secure Browser provide information on passenger preferences, meal planning and travel plans. Passengers are going mobile for their in-flight entertainment, including movies, television shows, magazines and even reading the required safety manuals. With the AirWatch Secure Mobile Browser, IT administrators can whitelist acceptable websites or blacklist restricted websites, ensuring customers and associates navigate only to approved sites.

Enhanced Security

AirWatch enables airlines to leverage advanced mobile devices and applications without compromising security and compliance. AirWatch’s advanced security capabilities include strong user authentication using AD/LDAP, compromised device detection, location tracking, and secure distribution of apps and documents. AirWatch meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication compliance standards and ensures your confidential data is protected.


AirWatch’s multi-tenant architecture enables airlines to manage devices based on user roles, aircraft, device types or location groups. Administrators can manage all devices across corporate, flight operations, pilots, cabin services, maintenance and engineering in a single console. The entire device fleet can be managed at a global level while empowering different groups or divisions to maintain visibility and control of devices.

Ruggedized Windows Device Management

AirWatch’s multi-OS capabilities allow different platforms to be managed in a single console. Administrators can manage ruggedized Windows devices used by Baggage Services and Operations alongside pilot tablets. Deploy applications, view device security settings and inventory information, and perform location services and remote control.