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Allow your employees to work from anywhere with productivity and collaboration apps built for the enterprise. Our direct integration with the Apple App Store enables you to find and distribute the public apps your end users will love with a custom app catalog. And with industry templates, deliver the right apps and policies for your key mobility initiatives with a single click from the admin console.

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Integrated Business-ready Apps

Deliver ready-to-use applications to quickly connect your users to the information they need to be productive. Built-in security and configurations for apps help you quickly implement next-generation app strategies in your business. With AirWatch tools for development and deployment, you can create, manage and distribute apps that are ready for use with a single click.

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Simplified Purchasing

Procure apps in bulk to scale distribution for your organization, departments and locations. Apple’s Volume Purchase Program makes it easy to source apps and iBooks in bulk for your users to meet business needs, whether from the App Store or as a Custom B2B application.

AirWatch Integration with the Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it easy for IT to procure applications in bulk and assign, distribute and reclaim those licenses. From the console, IT easily assigns apps to devices (or users) for either silent, automatic installation or on-demand installation from a custom app catalog. When assigning apps to devices, users don’t even need an Apple ID, making installation super simple. If an employee leaves the company, you can revoke the app license and reassign it to another employee so you don’t lose your valuable investments.

Learn more about Apple VPP and Custom App Catalogs

Consumer Simple, Enterprise Secure Productivity Apps

With the right productivity apps at their fingertips, employees can get more done, faster. Our productivity apps are engaging and intuitive with a consumer-simple experience and enterprise-grade security. Harness the power of mobile micro-moments by enabling employees with productivity apps they actually want to use.

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Workspace ONE

Workspace ONE makes it easy for users to access their digital workspace from any location using company credentials to setup and get single sign-on access to work apps.

Available in the App Store
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Verify works with the Workspace ONE two-factor authentication service to make logins more simple and secure, users simply swipe to verify possession of the device whenever authentication is required.

Available in the App Store
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Agent connects users and IT, allowing users’ devices to communicate device details to the admin console, enabling full device management for IT and giving them access to apps, email, Wi-Fi and more.

Available in the App Store
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AirWatch Tunnel

Tunnel enables per app VPN for access to secure corporate networks for applications and Safari, eliminating the need for device-level connectivity.

Available in the App Store
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Content Locker

Content Locker enables secure mobile access to content anytime, anywhere. An enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, the app protects sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access and collaborate on the latest documents.

Available in the App Store
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Boxer is the most innovative email, calendar and contacts app available for iPhone With support for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (2007 and up), Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, & IMAP accounts.

Available in the App Store
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Browser enables easy access to corporate intranet sites and content filtering, as well as a kiosk mode to restrict browsing to a selected website.

Available in the App Store

Note: Apps for macOS are pushed to managed devices from the admin console or accessible through a browser

Tools to Build Custom Apps

The VMware AirWatch Developer Enablement Program provides app developers with the tools to easily secure and configure apps for the enterprise using the frameworks your developers already know. Whether you’re looking for enterprise-level security, data loss prevention (DLP), network connectivity, single sign-on, or something else, the capabilities available in our Developer Enablement Program are flexible to meet your needs.

The Developer Enablement Program includes the VMware AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) and AppConfig Community documentation.

Learn More about the VMware AirWatch Developer Enablement Program

Distribute, Secure and Manage Any App

AirWatch enables you to procure or develop, secure, deploy and manage applications, ensuring you get the right apps to the right users. Enterprise-grade security and configurations enable apps while separating corporate data from personal information, and flexible management options provide the right tools to meet unique use cases.

Learn more about the simplified app management lifecycle.

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