Build trust in advisors and stronger relationships with faster processes and access to real-time data

Secure mobility for every board room.

For board meetings, a finance company uses iPads to push board books to members. Highly sensitive information is only available during the scheduled meeting within the building, keeping data secure while delivering timely materials to board members.

The latest information for every branch—instantly.

A national bank runs promotional campaigns throughout the year to advertise credit cards, lines of credit and mortgages in their nationwide branches. Digital displays allow bank mangers to dynamically update displays to match current awareness objections.

Faster processing for mortgages, credit cards and claims—from anywhere.

Branch employees and those in the field can submit credit card, credit line and mortgage applications, and can ask applicants to enter their own information to reduce entry errors. Applications submit in real time for faster decision making.

“In terms of savings, using tablets has drastically cut down on our use of paper, by making portable documents live, shareable and immediately modifiable. The business of banking gets a major benefit from using mobile devices to simplify day-to-day tasks.”
− Willem Bagchus, Messaging and Collaboration Specialist, United Bank

United Bank Takes Financial Services Mobile

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