Connect with citizens, serve and protect communities with faster access to information

Faster decisions in the field, better outcomes for citizens.

A patrolling officer is called assist a stranded motorist on the highway. He is immediately informed of potentially hazardous weather conditions as well as the made and model of car to look for. Directed to the exact coordinates, he is able to find the motorist, help arrange for a tow truck and complete required incident paperwork from the field while waiting for the tow truck with the motorist.

Engaging defense training for police and military.

Manuals, content, videos, diagrams and more are accessible to military and police training to serve and protect communities. Students use a role playing app with each other to help train for interacting with civilians and more dangerous situations.

No objections: Mobility in the courtroom.

Digital forms in the court systems speed up filing time and help reduce entry errors common with manual data entry. Business permits and licenses, marriage licenses, and lawsuit cover sheets, summons and complaints are processed quickly, efficiently and securely.

"Mobility has helped our inspectors double their productivity in the field despite a 40 percent reduction in their workforce during the project.”
— Santiago Garces, Chief Innovation Officer, City of South Bend Retail

City of South Bend Reduces IT Costs by $5,000 a Year

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