Deliver new levels of care with digital workflows and
interactive patient communication

Clinical Collaboration

Timely communication and collaboration among caregivers is critical to delivering the best in patient care. AirWatch for iOS devices enables secure messaging and provides quick access to content and protected email to help caregivers communicate to improve patient care.

Mobile Clinician Workflows

Whether reviewing patient charts before a consult, entering information at the point of care, ordering tests or prescribing medication, secure mobile access to the proper data and systems is critical. Enable doctors with access to patient information anytime, anywhere with iOS devices secured and managed by AirWatch.

Improved Patient Experiences

Giving patients access to information, interactive apps and videos can help keep them engaged in their treatments and overall health. By using iPads and apps to improve the patient experience, you can also improve medical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

“As our employees recognize what they can do with these devices, we are starting to see a growing demand for more uses in the workplace.”
— Mark Dunkerley, Enterprise Technical Solutions Engineer, Adventist Health

Introducing Industry Templates

AirWatch gives healthcare providers the tools they need to transform business processes quickly with industry templates for healthcare, included in VMware AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management™. On the road to healthcare transformation, deploying an EMM solution is only one stop. Healthcare systems need the policies, restrictions, and critical applications to enable initiatives like mobile clinical collaboration, clinician workflows, and patient care and entertainment. Our wizard-like industry templates for healthcare provide the tool to kick-start your mobile initiatives with a single click.

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