AirWatch Privacy First Program

Put Privacy First and Gain User Confidence

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Demystifying End-User Privacy for Enterprise Mobility

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AirWatch Privacy First Program EN

Built-in Privacy Framework

Configurable policies and controls enable corporate data security and provide IT with the tools to enforce privacy policies multiple levels.

Customizable privacy notices for user device enrollment, app downloads and policy updates
Remote file storage solutions for countries with data residency laws
Enabling anonymized API calls to de-identify and generalize app lists
Assignment of a singular privacy officer role to ensure privacy configurations have a strong checks and balances process

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Work Data Separation

Containerization protects corporate data.

Keep work and personal apps and data separate and restrict the flow of information between them
Install only approved, authorized apps in the corporate container
Detect jailbroken or rooted devices and take compliance action to protect work data
Take advantage of DLP and privacy features offered within the operating system itself

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User Confidence

Build user trust by offering transparency, access and choice.

Privacy app provides real-time visibility of corporate privacy policy in one click
Establish employee trust in the software through educational tools
Self-service portal keeps the employee in control of their own device

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  1. Built-in Privacy Framework
  2. Work Data Separation
  3. User Confidence