Conditional Access

Add Device Intelligence to Access Control with Workspace ONE Conditional Access

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Device-based Access Control

Combine device compliance and user authentication for risk-aware access management.

Control access to corporate data based on real-time device compliance state: protect against rooted or jailbroken devices, require device management, whitelist and blacklist apps, and more
Manage risk with different levels of access for corporate-owned, personal, managed and unmanaged devices
Set authentication requirements by network location, user group, device type, target app and device compliance state

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Continuous Access Management

Protect work data after authentication, not just at authentication.

Prevent data loss with automatic, real-time removal of resources from devices and apps that fall out of compliance with IT policies
Balance risk and productivity with full resource access for low-risk use and limited resource access for high-risk use
Prevent illicit access with fine-grained conditional access at time of authentication
Deliver continuous verification through risk analytics and behavior anomaly detection to enable Zero Trust security

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Conditional Access for Office 365

Manage one of today's most important apps with specially-designed Office 365 controls.

Choose which users and devices access Office 365 by requiring device management, device compliance, proper user authentication, and more
Prevent illicit access after authentication with session control that ends access to Office 365 services instantly when device risk level increases
Reduce the risk of introducing Office 365 to new users and use cases with device intelligence that can remove apps and data if devices lose compliance

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