Office 365 Management

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Office 365 Management

Secure SSO Access

Get users up and running quickly with self-service and secure single sign on (SSO) to Office 365.

Deploy Office 365 email and apps automatically or on-demand from your own, custom app store
Federate your existing on-premises corporate directory to enable a common identity for SSO authentication across Office and all other apps
Restrict access to Office 365 to licensed users only and automatically revoke access to unauthorized users without calls to IT
Support password-free and certificate-based authentication even extending Azure AD or other identity solutions

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Conditional Access

Provision adaptive access to Office 365 based on user entitlement and mode of access.

Restrict access to Office 365 apps and services such as Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business to only trusted users and compliant devices
Check for compliance based on user groups, device type, app type, OS version, device management, compromised status and more
Set access policies based on the device type or platform (mobile, desktop or Web)
Support different authentication methods (certificates, domain membership, VPN-based) and strength requirements to provide an excellent user experience while enforcing IT policies

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Data Loss Prevention

Take Office data protection to a new level with advanced security and data loss prevention (DLP) features.

Leverage native platform controls to containerize apps, encrypt data, set DLP policies (like open-in and cut/copy/paste restrictions) and prevent access to company data from untrusted apps
Enable security measures – encryption, device passcode, selective wipe or remote wipe of apps and email – that protect data at rest
Restrict sharing of data, emails and attachments to only approved corporate apps and prevent moving emails to and opening attachments in personal apps
Encrypt data in transit and, for security sensitive deployments, expose a limited set of data center resources to your Office apps via app- and network-level micro-segmentation

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  1. Secure SSO Access
  2. Conditional Access
  3. Data Loss Prevention