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Demo Videos: Manage Windows 10 Devices Using AirWatch


Out-of-Box Enrollment

Authenticate users, configure devices with corporate resources, and get up and running quickly with zero IT involvement.


Enrollment via Office App

Intuitive, self-service enrollment via app.


Bulk Enrollment

Manage and secure devices without time-consuming traditional imaging or complicated scripts.


Traditional Client Functions

Go beyond legacy PC management tools.


Application Management

Create a simplified app experience for IT admins and end users alike.


Windows Update Management

Get more granular control of how updates are managed and delivered across the organization.


Health Attestation and Conditional Access

Ensure access to corporate resources is restricted to people with the right entitlement, using the right device, that hasn’t be compromised.


Enterprise Data Protection (EDP)*

Configure advanced DLP rules and take security to a whole new level.


Per-App VPN

Prevent access to company data via unsecured or untrusted apps.

* EDP is not yet commercially available in Windows 10. AirWatch is excited to partner with Microsoft to offer early access to EDP for Windows Insiders customers.