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How to Digitally Transform Employee Experience with Remote Support Technology

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Digitally Transform Employee Experience with Remote Support

In today's competitive global economy, prioritizing the digital employee experience is critical to attracting and retaining skilled employees, fostering innovation, and driving productivity, profit, and strong customer experience. However, technological problems are inevitable, and the same digital tools that empower employees one minute can be a roadblock the next.

Workspace ONE Assist (formerly called Workspace ONE Advanced Remote Management) is a comprehensive, fully integrated remote support solution that enables organizations to deliver quality IT support and maximize their end-user computing investments, while mitigating lost revenue, productivity, and decreased employee satisfaction. Workspace ONE Assist empowers IT and help desk staff to remote view or control Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices, directly from the Workspace ONE console, while maintaining employee privacy and trust.

Improve Employee Experience

Improve the digital employee experience across every worker persona and use case

Remotely control Android, Windows CE, Windows 10, and macOS devices, and remotely view iOS devices in real-time to quickly troubleshoot and fix device, network, or app issues with file and task management tools, including File Manager, Command Line, and Registry Editor
Highlight items and guide employees through various tasks with Screen Draw
Notify employees when their screen is visible and enable them to pause a remote session for enhanced privacy

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Decrease IT Cost

Maximize your end-user computing investments and improve help desk utilization and first call resolution rate

Remotely control or view any managed device, including attended or unattended corporate-owned or BYO devices, directly from the Workspace ONE console
Increase first call resolution rate by giving help desk staff customized access to features through a web-based console
Improve average handle time with Shortcuts feature to quickly access commonly used device settings and apps
Easily record remote sessions for training

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  1. Improve Employee Experience
  2. Decrease IT Cost