Internet of Things (IoT) Device Management

Manage and Secure Any Connected Device


Manage and support augmented and mixed reality applications on Android- and Windows-based smart glasses.

Save time and resources with low-touch enrollment and configuration
Give workers access to mission-critical apps that drive business operations
Gain greater visibility and simplified management across all endpoints
Protect corporate data with device controls and policies

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Manage and support wireless mobile printers and enterprise sleds used across the supply chain.

Gain real-time visibility of enrolled peripherals with dashboards that show provisioning status, compliance and activity
Centrally track and monitor enterprise sleds used to enhance consumer device capabilities
Proactively manage mobile printers used for printing barcodes, labels, receipts, or tickets with automated alerts and reports

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Connected Devices, Edge Systems and Gateways

Manage, operate, scale and protect your IoT projects from the edge to the cloud with VMware Pulse IoT Center.

Manage millions of things as easily as managing one
Provide accurate and real-time visibility of “thing” health and act on anomalies as they arise
Secure IoT infrastructure across things, edge, network and applications
Streamline and accelerate how IoT gets deployed and scaled

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  1. Wearables
  2. Peripherals
  3. Connected Devices, Edge Systems and Gateways
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